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Drafting & Design
Every MZC custom home or commercial construction project begins with a vision. That vision combines the imagination of the customer with the creativity and building experience of MZC. The Design Team at MZC works closely to transform a customers ideas into a functional and practical building plan. The goal is to provide the customer with pertinent information in order to make educated choices.

MZC Drafting Services will produce a final set of working drawings in sufficient detail to assure all trades, subcontractors and suppliers can bid the project and perform the work. Plans will include 4 elevations, foundation plan and floor plans. Specifications will be consistent with all applicable codes where the project is located.

MZC Consulting Services will finalize drawings and pricing for the project. This part of the process includes compiling bids from sub contractors and suppliers as well as follow up meetings with the customer to determine the stipulated sum bid. MZC will assist with selection of building materials, preparation of permits, design assistance, well and septic location and defining property boundaries.

MZC Drafting and Design Services are competitive, professional and completed in a prompt, timely manner.